• Bicycle Ambulances
    Bicycles with a special trailer
    help people in rural Uganda to access
    healthcare facilities.

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  • Access to bicycles
    Our goal is an increased usage of bicycles
    to access social services (education, health)
    and for poverty alleviation (economic, business)

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  • Advocacy
    NMT and other transport policies implemented

    Citizenry demand for sustainable transport

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  • Cycle to School
    "Cycle to School" focuses on students and
    teachers of secondary and vocational schools
    in Uganda. FABIO provides subsidised bicycles
    to the beneficiaries.

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Contact FABIO

FABIO - First African Bicycle Information Organisation

Plot 9 Main Street, Jinja

P.O. Box 1890 Jinja, UGANDA


Tel: +256 (0) 7545 77003