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About us

We are FABIO

FABIO is a Non-Gov­ern­men­tal Organ­i­sa­tion (NGO) that seeks to pro­mote the use of sus­tain­able and eco-friend­ly trans­port solu­tions with major empha­sis on active trans­port and mass pub­lic trans­port. We use the bicy­cle as a tool of social trans­for­ma­tion for improv­ing the liveli­hoods of the vul­ner­a­ble com­mu­ni­ties through enhanc­ing their access to basic ser­vices and open­ing up new eco­nom­i­cal chances.


Our vision is to help build­ing up an empow­ered soci­ety where all peo­ple are healthy, active and enjoy­ing socioe­co­nom­ic ser­vices. We are dream­ing of a mankind respect­ing each oth­er and our nat­ur­al basis of existence. 


Our mis­sion is to enhance access to bet­ter socioe­co­nom­ic ser­vices for vul­ner­a­ble com­mu­ni­ties in Ugan­da par­tic­u­lar­ly in Buso­ga Sub region through pro­vi­sion of bicy­cles as a tool for social trans­for­ma­tion. But our com­mit­ment goes beyond this. In order to achieve a sus­tain­able change, also capac­i­ty build­ing, net­work­ing and edu­ca­tion­al pro­grams con­cern­ing research and pol­i­cy advo­ca­cy are essential. 


Qual­i­ty – We strive to give the best accord­ing to our abil­i­ties, skills and laid down pro­ce­dures
Pas­sion and team work – We ener­gize, moti­vate and sup­port one anoth­er to accom­plish our work
Equi­ty and Equal­i­ty – We exer­cise and work towards jus­tice and impar­tial­i­ty
Integri­ty – Work­ing with open­ness, hon­esty and respect for each oth­er and the com­mu­ni­ties we serve
Account­abil­i­ty – Tak­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty for our pur­pose and resources as indi­vid­u­als and as an organization

What we do

FABIO has become a one stop cen­tre on issues of active trans­port, not only in Ugan­da but in Africa as a whole. FABIO orga­nized the first ever panafrican bicy­cle con­fer­ence in 2001 which estab­lished a spring­board for advo­ca­cy for active trans­port on the con­ti­nent. Recog­nis­ing that most of the African coun­tries includ­ing Ugan­da did not have com­pre­hen­sive trans­port poli­cies, we embarked on engage­ment activ­i­ties with the Min­istry of Works and Trans­port, Kam­pala City Coun­cil Author­i­ty and low­er urban coun­cils of Jin­ja and Igan­ga. As an out­come, the Nation­al  non motor­ized trans­port Pol­i­cy 2013 was launched. And FABIO with sup­port of UNEP has spear­head­ed its imple­men­ta­tion on a pilot basis in Kam­pala, Mukono, Jin­ja and Igan­ga Munic­i­pal­i­ties. Var­i­ous projects have been start­ed since then to ful­fil our mission.