• Bicycle Ambulances
    Bicycles with a special trailer
    help people in rural Uganda to access
    healthcare facilities.

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  • Access to bicycles
    Our goal is an increased usage of bicycles
    to access social services (education, health)
    and for poverty alleviation (economic, business)

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  • Advocacy
    NMT and other transport policies implemented

    Citizenry demand for sustainable transport

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  • Cycle to School
    "Cycle to School" focuses on students and
    teachers of secondary and vocational schools
    in Uganda. FABIO provides subsidised bicycles
    to the beneficiaries.

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Welcome to FABIO website

FABIO – First African Bicycle Information Organisation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Jinja, Uganda. FABIO started in 1997 and is registered with the National NGO registration board.

Our Vision:

A society accessing inclusive sustainable transport

Our Mission:

To enhance access of the disadvantaged in Uganda to socio-economic services through empowerment, networking and NMT advocacy with special focus on bicycles.

We promote the use of sustainable transport solutions with major emphasis on active transport and mass public transport, as well as creating civic awareness. We believe this is the only sustainable way to enhance access to social economic services for improved quality of life.

Over time FABIO has become a one stop centre on issues of active transport - not only in Uganda but in Africa as a whole. FABIO organised the first ever pan-African bicycle conference in 2001 which established a springboard for advocacy for active transport on the continent. Thriving on its creative and innovative projects FABIO has sustainably impacted positively on people's lives .

In 2015 FABIO founded the "FABIO BICYCLE CENTER" in order to increase sustainability of the NGO. FABIO BICYCLE CENTER is a workshop and bicycle retail store located in Walukuba.

The main task of the FABIO BC is to operate all bicycle related projects such as "Cycle to School", "Bicycle Ambulances", the Bicycle Tours and Rentals and offer Repair Service. As a social business its target is to reduce poverty in Uganda by creating jobs and training the youth, increasing accessibility of health care services by increasing mobility of both individuals and health care workers, better access to markets and education beside others: All that being a profitable company at the same time. This can be realised by using the method of cross-subsidies or donation-backed projects and retail sales from the first real bicycle shop in Jinja.

Stemming from the Vision & Mission and core business, the following are the strategic objectives of FABIO:

  • Increase access to and demand for affordable bicycles and other means of sustainable transport in Uganda.

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  • Contribute to strengthen the country's legal policy framework that is favourable to sustainable transport.

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  • Build and strengthen strategic alliances, partnerships and networks.

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  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of FABIO to effectively carryout her mandate.

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