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The challenge

Mobility (transport) is such an important aspects to peoples lives and the development of a country. Therefore, to create healthy, strong and empowering structures, people and goods have to be transported reliably. This includes food and agricultural products, medical care and drinking water that needs to be transported by road due to limited clean pipewater. Until now, most transport is done by foot (carrying cargo by head) or by so called Bodas (motorcycles often driven by young people not even owning these motorcycles).

The challenge here is that people stand alongside the roads, waiting for means of transport to work, school, hospital, market or walking for several hours a day. Due to that, around 25% of Ugandas working laborers are estimated to lose two to three hours of productive time daily. This lack of mobility can become a limiting factor for many people and a countries development.

Another big challenge is the exhaustion of fumes and poor disposal of engine oils, resulting in an increasingly bad impact on our environment. So the availability of Bodas everywhere might improve mobility but severely burdens this planet.

Another solution has to be found…

The change

A bicycle can make a change! The solution is as old as good. To get out of poverty, accessibility is one of the most important tools. The bicycle drastically improves this in an eco-friendly way. Easy to repair and maintain, in many cases the bicycle is a suitable response to the challenges people face with mobility. FABIO is aiming to spread the idea of cycling for a better future.

Our projects

FABIO improves lives by many different programs around sustainable and affordable mobility. One focus is on women’s groups gaining access to markets, enhancing their ability to do their daily tasks faster and hence improving their productivity. Another focus is on school children, especially girls. By providing bicycles, schoolchildren having to walk really long distances, can improve their school retention and performance. To enable and strengthen their effectiveness in supporting communities on health related issues FABIO also provides bicycle ambulances to village health teams in rural communities. Another current project focusses on the spreading of solar powered E-Mobility among the streets of Jinja and Iganga. You are invited to discover all of our interesting projects.

Support our projects and participate in our important work

10:34 26 Nov 18
Kisa EmmanuelKisa Emmanuel
17:48 14 May 18
They get you to love bicycles
Henning RüschHenning Rüsch
07:47 07 Apr 18
I highly recommend the very affordable, guided bike tours (approx. 4 hours) which can also be customized - a unique opportunity to get to know the village and nature surroundings of Jinja, the people and among the classic places such as the source of the Nile also some places you would never ever get to see if you would do it independently. I totally enjoyed the trip thanks to Fabio and his team. You support a local NGO! The money earned is utilized for several social projects in order to achieve a sustainable progress for the people of Jinja.
Mingo AndrewMingo Andrew
14:20 22 Feb 18
They are very hospitable.
Larkin CrainLarkin Crain
08:32 12 Apr 16
They offer both bike sales and rentals.There is a small selection of bicycles for rent, but they are solid enough for day trips around. Rentals are 15,000USH / day.There is a decent selection of bicycles for sale at a fair price. The staff is friendly and helpful.

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